Monday, February 6, 2012

Philip Sugar on Recruiting...

This is reblogged from a guest post by Philip Sugar on as part of series on Building a Management Team.  This is only an excerpt of a fantastic post which you can read in its entirety here.  Phil is a successful entrepreneur whose comments I especially enjoy on AVC, so I was excited that Fred Wilson asked him to write a guest post.  Phil tends to be critical of recruiters.  Much of the criticism is deserved. Whenever he talks about recruiting, I pay attention.  Who better for a recruiter to learn from than someone who has hired successfully for well over a decade.  The last line in this excerpt says it all.  

"I am in charge of recruiting.  I will have somebody managing the process as we grow; departments do the interviewing, but bottom line, if my people are better than your people I win.  College football is a great analogy.  Look at the top coaches.  They always win because they have the best talent.  In college the players pick the team, in the pro’s the teams pick the players.  You bet Nick Saban goes on recruiting trips.  Don’t for a second be lulled into the notion that you are picking employees.  They are picking you and you better be the one they want to pick.  You better have an on-boarding process and it better be good.  My biggest legacy is the network of people I’ve hired and what they’ve gone on to do."

Thanks, Phil.

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